Google search handles over
1 billion searches per day

What is Google Local Business?
Google Local Business enables you to create a listing for your business that shows up in searches in Google. It includes your basic business information like address, hours, and location, as well as any photos you upload. Google Local Business listings show up in Google Maps. Customers are able to rate and review local businesses. These ratings also show up in Google searches.
Why is Google Local Business important to my business?
When people search for your business name online, your Google Local Business listing shows up as one of the results. This helps ensure more of the results on the search page are your business, and not a competitors’. Your listing also shows up when people search in Google Maps, making it easy to get directions to your business, find your website, and read reviews.
How much does Google Local Business cost?
Adding your listing to Google Places is free, and Google doesn’t accept payment to include particular listings or sites in our search results.
What if I don’t have a store or office?
Every business listing must have a mailing address. If you work from home or you are a mobile business you can specify a “service area” in the sign up process and choose to hide your physical address.
Can I add multiple locations?
There should be only one listing per physical location. Even if you cover multiple towns, you should instead use the description of your business or categories to explain the different services for your business.

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