Is social media marketing effective?

What is Social Media?
Word of mouth has always been the most important way to grow a business. With the advent of social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Google, and others, potential customers have found a way to take word of mouth and put it online. Businesses today do not have the time or expertise to manage the overwhelming number of social and review sites, but these sites are the key to growing your business. Your business can have an active online presence and grow business through social media – without any effort on your part with the help of M. Coviello & Associates – a social media management service for your business.
How do you know how to respond to my customers?
M. Coviello & Associates can respond to customers in a few different ways:

  • We use our best judgment and experience from similar businesses to tailor a custom response.
  • We craft a custom response and send to you for approval before responding.
  • If there is a very specific question or comment that is outside of our knowledge base, or requires the business owner to respond, we will notify you and respond as instructed.
How do you know what to write for my social media messages?
You know your business better than we do, so we interview you to use your expertise to craft social media messages.

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